How Digital Media Has Changed The Consumer-Business Relation Forever?

When the internet was introduced to the general public, who would have thought it will the most important factor responsible for making a buying decision in the future. Today, 90% percent of the buying decisions are made by checking or taking an idea from the internet.

To understand this better let’s do a thought experiment, imagine you wake up one fine morning, and as per your morning ritual you walk up to your kitchen to make yourself a nice cup of coffee. But surprise surprise! The jar of your favorite coffee is empty, and you don’t want to be sleepy while you are working from home. Now what? Due to lockdown, you can’t walk to a store. Here comes Amazon with its instant delivery, you may get your coffee way sooner than if you walk up to the store, go to the coffee aisle, pick up the pack and be honest while walking from the aisle to the billing counter. You must have picked a few more things. However, that’s the convince with amazon you can just order coffee if you want to.

Now think about this, before the time amazon was there to provide you things more conveniently how this would have been different? There is nothing wrong with how things are right now, and it’s all because of the internet. The Internet which was created for communication in the military has changed and shaped our world. The phenomena we call digital media is a part of internet evolution which is here to stay.

So today we will find out about the part the internet and digital media plays in our decision as a consumer.

How does the internet become such an important part of our life?

Personally, I can’t imagine my life without the internet. In my day-to-day life, it plays a significant role if you look closely. I am expressing my thoughts about the internet through the internet. During this year when I was quarantined, it was the only medium to stay connected with my friends and family in a way that a simple phone call would not have sufficed. Digital media helped us to stay entertained when we all were worried, kept us informed about all the good things happening in the middle of the global pandemic. Well, this is not something new; new things have been evolving towards the internet for thousands of years. You must be laughing, what the internet has been developing for thousands of years. Yes, I stand behind my statement and think about it. We as humans are the product of evolution at the same time we keep on evolving things around us. On a basic level, the internet, and digital media through which interact, today is a mode of communication. Initially, we worked on the way we transfer our thoughts to others and languages were developed. Then we thought about how to pass this message with some retention and how scripts & writing evolved. It was a long journey from there to Google but to give you an idea about this evolution.

Speech/messengers>Script/letters>telephone>internet, there are a lot of small important gears in between but that’s the way the internet that we see today evolved. The main reason the internet plays such an important part of our life today is convenience. Because for us subconsciously time is a finite resource and we have to save as much as possible.

Success is largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.

How did the internet become a part of consumer culture?

It’s not that hard to deduce, since always every brand wants to connect with their consumer to promote their service with the latest way of communication. It was loudspeakers in the 18th century, posters in the 19th, Radio/Television in 20th, and current times have the internet. As communication is an important part of marketing and marketing is the way for a business to connect with its customer. Hence today every brand wants to make sure that their customers and future prospects are aware of what they have and how they can offer it better than their competitors. Today most of the marketing efforts of a brand are through digital media and even if it is offline media, the message in it suggests the audience to interact with them in some way or the other online.

Digital Media is an important part of our buying decision but are there any benefits to it?

Yes, and yes, there are a lot of upsides to digital media in order to help us decide which product we want. Whether it’s selecting a daily use item or a decision to buy something for a special occasion. Digital media sources provide us with practically short and the long version of features and benefits. At the same time, it also provides us information about alternatives based on our budget, location, and favorite features. It is like shopping with a person from the store explaining to you each and every feature and benefit. Digital media has made our buying decision easier, at the same time it has inspired businesses to constantly develop their product and services which is beneficial for the consumer.

How digital media can help businesses?

Digital media pushes brands to be better every day and the brands who do this right are the brand leading the charts. Be it sales, visibility, or setting up a brand image/personality. Digital Media demands consistency from its creators(brands/businesses), as I said earlier brands need to put a consistent effort to reach and interact with their ideal audience. As modern consumers consider buying from a brand that is connected with them directly or indirectly, earlier it was the coupons that the brand used to mail them but now it’s social media through which brands put content related to their products and services. Because now it’s not just about the product and service, the game has changed “As a brand, you need to resonate with the personality of your average customer and at the same time develop your brand personality to reach new customers”. This method of reaching your ideal customer through digital media can be applied to any industry, be it medical, real estate, food & beverage, or entertainment.

As a brand, you need to understand your ideal audience and your digital media platform. After that comes the planning part as it is all about the content, follow the simple strategy of 3 W’s

As a brand ask yourself these question:

  • Where is my ideal audience active most of the time?
  • What type of content do I want to put out there?
  • When should I interact with them?

If you figure out these 3 questions, the rest of your digital media strategy will unfold based on the response you get from your audience. There is no need to jump on the complex digital strategy in the beginning because that will not help you to achieve the balance of input and output.

The past decade has shown us how digital media can influence and entertain us, at brandening media group we believe in providing our clients with the perfect digital strategy mix for their ideal customer. We do what we do best i.e Branding so you can do what you do best i.e Business.

With our core role in transforming a business’s digital presence – we are in the unique position to reinvent their brand for a more digitally focused world through design, content and interaction. The new signifiers of a modern digital brand – are user interface, integrated branded content and interaction.

Akash Bangwal– Founder, Digital Marketing Expert

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